An illegal UX practice that needs to end.

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We have all experienced those unwanted spam emails and have hit that “unsubscribe” link as soon as we could. Most of the time it works, but not everyone adheres to the FTC rules and we are left wondering how to get rid of that annoyance.

Recently I have been experiencing this more and more, because some person somewhere on this planet has the same name as mine and they think that adding to their name is their birthright. This has resulted in my mailbox filling in with huge number of emails from websites that I have never registered to…

Coding in processing

You are probably familiar with the Fibonacci sequence where each subsequent number is a sum of previous two numbers.

A simple mathematical representation of Fibonacci sequence would be written as: F(n)=F(n-1)+F(n-2) for n>1.

This would result in a sequence:

Fibonacci sequence is also closely related to the Golden Ratio. Here is a simple representation of squares whose sides are Fibonacci numbers:

Fibonacci Word

Fibonacci Word is a special sequence of binary digits, but also has some great fractal qualities. When I learned about it, I was really interested to visualize it myself and experience the magic of this sequence.

Fibonacci word…

I learned a very important lesson about design while I was studying Architecture. We used to have a course called “Basic Design” where they taught us sketching, color theory, wood work, carpentry and pottery.

During one of this class, the professor asked the entire class to do about 50+ sketches and bring them next day to the class. These had to be sketches of anything, a street, person, object, landscape… just anything that we can sketch on an A4 drawing sheet. He also told us that he is going to grade them. So all of us embarked on this gigantic…

A UX research project to re-think the touchscreen smartphone dial-pad.

This article is about the UX research that I am doing. The research website is located at:
The related app is at:

Update: A new version of the app is now available (V 1.02). This will allow you to download this app for iOS 10.

Let’s start by looking at the timeline below:

There is something important about the image above. Despite significant transformation in the ergonomics and the modality of the phones physical form factor, the dial-pad design seems to have remained unchanged since 1963.

So, looking at the image, one may question — Why did…


Note: These are very high level thoughts. In a series of follow-up articles, I would like to dive deeper into each of the concepts described below. The aim is to build a design framework for conversational UX. So please feel free to contribute your thoughts.

It has been a long journey of Humans trying to perfect the mode of communication with Computers. We are now at a stage where we have realized that the best and most natural way to communicate with machines is through conversations.

Communication skills have been a key to success for the human race.


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(The title assumes that my problem is due to Uber’s broken AI engine. If it was not AI and the responses you see below are from real people, than the problem is even worst.)

Here is a really frustrating story about me and Uber support.

Before I continue, this is something I least expected from a company like Uber which is spending tons on artificial intelligence, robotics and self driving vehicles.

I am a UX professional and work in the bay area. I specifically work on projects that are based on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Chat Bots, and this…

This happened yesterday

So we all receive many crazy marketing emails, but this one stood out and I paid attention, but of a different kind.

Threadless is a good brand and I love their T-Shirts. Yesterday they decided to send me this email:

I thought that it was a smart one and probably this is the first marketing email which I need to reply :), S0 I did…

My thoughts on Conversational UX

The very first use of the word “Computer” in recorded history is said to be in 1613⁽¹⁾. It was used to describe human who performed computations and calculations. This definition remained unchanged until the 19th century when we invented machines that could compute and calculate much faster than any human could.

So as the name itself suggests “compute”rs were mainly machines that could compute. …

I am annoyed by this meme…

I guess by now everyone would have seen this image. It has been doing the rounds on the social media.

What was your first reaction when you saw this image?

Did you laugh out thinking, ‘The requirements did not come from the end user”, or “This design did not cater to the user needs” or something on those lines?

I assume that most people would have reacted in this manner, which is fair. But I would like you to look at this image from a fresh perspective. I consider this a well ‘designed’ space. …

Casey REAS gave an interview for a blog that I used to maintain a few years back. This interview has been lying in oblivion as I had stopped using wordpress and had moved on to Medium. While refreshing myself on my Generative Graphics skills, I was reminded of this piece and thought that it needs to be shared with a larger audience as I find the information in this interview extremely valuable for people who want to know more about Casey’s process and thoughts.

I hope you all find it useful…

How would you describe the main…

Sajid Saiyed

UX leader @ Google. Passionate about leading & mentoring teams that design and ship game changing products that delight the users.

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